Gulfco’s forgings are of the highest quality to meet each customer’s unique specifications and requirements, from blowout preventer components to heat exchanger pieces and mining equipment.  We use only the finest equipment to produce forgings that are dependable for a wide range of industrial applications.  Our 204,100 sq. ft. forge plant is equipped with the most advanced technology for the production of open die, die and rolled ring forgings.

Depending on the size and shape of the product, Gulfco is capable of producing forgings weighing up to 50,000 lbs.  Examples of forgings include shaped dies, discs, seamless rings, bushings, shafts and many others.

We forge...


A large part of our production is seamless rolled ring forgings to meet varied needs in the industry. Gulfco has made seamless rings for over 50 years and has developed a reputation for producing some of the finest rings in the industry.  Our ring mills are designed for close tolerance rolling, thereby requiring less machining for removal of excessive metal in the final machine process.

We are capable of rolling rings up to 132" outside diameter with a length up to 48".  Our ring mills are able to carry up to 20,000 lb forging weight, which allows us to meet our customers’ maximum needs. Saddle rings are available up to 80" OD and 58" in length, weighing up to 36,000 lbs...

In addition to Gulfco’s world-class forging capabilities, we can also rough machine our forgings to provide added value to our customers.  This level of service sets us ahead of other forge shops that do not have machine capability and thus rely on outside parties to complete their parts.  With over 50 machine tools, Gulfco is capable of meeting any machine requirements of its customers and is able to machine up to 138" in diameter.


Once Gulfco has created forgings for our customers we then heat-treat them in order to conform to tight specifications. Metallurgical control of each forging is extremely important in producing top quality products.

In 1985, after two years of research and study, Gulfco added a state-of-the-art heat-treat plant. This plant not only enables us to normalize and anneal our products, but it also allows us to liquid-quench and temper them. By not relying on outside sources, we can process customer orders faster and with Gulfco's quality assurance.


Quality assurance is our top priority and we comply with each customer specification to create products that meet or exceed every customer requirement.  All required studies are performed on equipment and materials by our own metallurgical laboratory.  If additional testing is required, we will work with outside subcontracted service providers to ensure the delivery of reliable products.

Our metallurgical department guides our quality control and quality assurance programs.  These programs have always qualified Gulfco in meeting customer quality assurance programs. 

To ensure forging quality, Gulfco has a robust on-site testing laboratory for mechanical testing of material prior to it being used in the forging process.  By having our own laboratory, we are able to meet any testing requirements that are requested by our customers.  This diligent monitoring and approval ensures the highest quality for our customers.

Some of our testing capabilities include:

Tensile Charpy Impact Corrosion Ultrasonic Magnetic Particle Liquid Penetrant Metallography Chemical Analysis Others


Gulfco carries a large and complete inventory of varied materials. We carry billet steel from 10 to 40" square and ingot from 13 to 50" round. We are capable of saw cutting up to 53".

We write our own specifications for the procurement of steel so that our customers receive the best quality material on the market. This allows the customer to not only purchase basic steel, but to be able to enhance the material to meet stringent specifications.

Some of the steel grades we carry in inventory are:

Carbon Alloy Nickel Based High Temp Micro-Alloy Precipitation Hardening 300 Stainless 400 Stainless Duplex Stainless Pressure Vessel Grades Carburizing Others

Even if you’re...

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By: Gulfco Admin | April 3, 2013


If you depend on a laboratory to deliver test reports in order for you to ship product to your customer, here’s some helpful news. Aerospace forging manufacturers can greatly impact the desired gains they receive when they require independent testing in accordance with Nadcap requirements. The most obvious gains in value manufacturers seek are quality, speed, reliability, ease of doing business and cost-effectiveness.

Forge shops are often dependent on their testing-laboratory partner for mission-critical data that could ultimately enable or delay shipment of product. Therefore, forgers need fast and accurate results from their testing-lab partner. Fortunately, building a collaborative relationship with a laboratory is mutually beneficial for all involved. To...

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