Oil & Gas

Since our founding in 1919 we have serviced the highly demanding oil and gas industry.  Our diverse forged products are utilized throughout the supply chain, including exploration, production, processing, and delivery. For nearly 100 years, our customer base has relied on our unique forging processes and engineering know-how, in addition to our extensive raw material inventory and our in-house heat treatment and machining capabilities. Whether it is to fulfill the demand for OEM equipment or to maintain/repair in-service equipment, Gulfco has the proven capability to produce high quality forgings with industry-leading delivery lead times. Our modern forging equipment such as our 3,500 and 2,000 ton presses enable us to forge parts of all sizes and dimensions utilizing open die, closed die and ring rolling forging methods.

Gulfco’s extensive customer list ranges from major, multi-national OEMs to small, family owned machine shops throughout the oil and gas industry.  Our dedication to customer service and quality allows us to service both equally.  Our products include forged rings, blocks, and discs used in equipment such as blowout preventers, fluid ends, wellheads, subsea trees, drilling risers, flanges, manifolds, and connectors.


CERT NO. 35692
ISO 9001 is the International Standard for Quality Management Systems, providing companies with a set of principles that ensure a common sense approach to the management of business activities to consistently achieve the requirements of their customers.